What will the paramedics know about you or your family members in the event of an emergency?

Use SafelyMD to record essential medical information.

Carry the SafelyMD card, so the EMTs and emergency room staff can find out what is important when it is most needed.

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  • Have you ever been concerned about who would speak for you or a loved one in the event of a medical emergency?

  • Do your important medical details change?

  • Do you want to make sure that emergency medical staff have access to the most up-to-date information about your health?

Enroll in SafelyMD

SafelyMD's online medical form helps you quickly and easily record key medical information that emergency medical staff can use when time is critical. Information such as medical conditions, current prescriptions, and emergency contacts.

You can also upload a small number of additional documents such as a health care power of attorney documents, living will, or resuscitation instructions. You can keep these documents private, or make them available to medical staff if you want. You control what you make available.

Print and carry a SafelyMD emergency medical card. The card contains a QR code. Emergency responders can use a QR scanner on their smart phone to access the key medical information you entered and any other documents you made available.

Demo SafelyMD Card

If your health situation changes, simply login and update your data. No need to replace your cards.

Sign up your family members

Consider enrolling your family members including elderly parents.

You will sleep better knowing that your spouse, children, parents, any loved ones, are carrying access to their key medical information in the event of a medical emergency. If you cannot be there to speak for them immediately, set up SafelyMD to provide that information.

Upgrade to SafelyFiled

SafelyMD is built on the SafelyFiled technology. After you signup for SafelyMD, you can upgrade to SafelyFiled to gain access to more storage, more sharing, and other advanced features.

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