Managing the affairs of your parents or grandparents?

Maybe you’re the responsible one in the family — the one who gets things done. Set up a SafelyFiled account to organize parental paperwork and keep it safe and secure. Everyone will thank you for it one day!

SafelyFiled is the one truly safe place for all documents important to you and your loved ones — a place that can’t be destroyed, and a place you won’t have trouble finding. It’s a place you can share with trusted family members or advisors in the event of an emergency.

And SafelyFiled is designed for busy people who want to get or stay organized — or help their love ones do the same.

Getting started

SafelyFiled lets you upload files simply and easily — insurance, 401ks, pension, mortgage, living wills, medical records, receipts, everything! We even have an iPhone app to make file uploads a breeze! Just snap a photo from your phone and put it directly into a SafelyFiled folder.

SafelyFiled lets you organize your files right away, or just upload them to a "To be Filed" folder so you can organize them on a rainy day. Or never organize them, if you’d prefer! No matter what your foldering skills or tastes, your important documents will always be there in one, secure place. A place you — or your loved ones — can get to from anywhere in the world.

Sharing your account

Creating a SafelyFiled account is the perfect way to get all of your loved ones set up with the documents they may need in an emergency.

You can share limited-access logins with all of your loved ones and family — letting them view specific kinds of files or folders, all completely under your control. If you like, you can even let them upload files for you, or reorganize the files you already have uploaded.

Sign up Today

SafelyFiled takes all of the worry out of storing, finding, and sharing important life documents. Sign up today, and give you and your family the gift of safety, security, and peace of mind.

Giving back

As adult children, we owe much to our parents, grandparents, and in-laws. One way we can give back: help them organize and protect all their papers and most important life documents. SafelyFiled is a great gift for the people who raised us.

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